Break Your New Year’s Resolution Rut

We know, every year around New Year’s the pressure comes – what’s your resolution?! Well, if the standard “Go to the gym!” just doesn’t feel inspiring, at Palladian Place, we have some ideas for you what we think everyone can get behind!


Anything you love, anything you know, whether that’s archery, writing, web design, or cooking. Teaching is just a fancy way of learning. You learn by answering questions, instructing, sharing resources and experiences. The more you go through the steps and processes of your craft, the more you’ll sharpen your own skills, plus you’ll be learning how to facilitate and lead others through a process. What’s more, you’ll get some great quality time in with your “student” than you may not have gotten otherwise – win/win! Teaching comes in all sorts of formats, so don’t shy away – think about what you love, and share It with someone this year!


Most people will say that their lives are overly scheduled, overly busy, and overly stressed. So when was the last time you took a nice, leisurely stroll and just took in your surroundings? (Yeah, we didn’t think so.) Resolve that this year, you will take a little more time to just “be” – be present, be aware, be thankful. This goes for phones and technology as well. Stop using your phone as a crutch when you’re waiting or wasting time – instead, people-watch, strike up a conversation, or just let your mind relax on something besides a screen. It will do wonders for your physical, mental and spiritual health!


You chose Palladian Place for a reason – when you took your first tour, we can imagine there was something that really got your blood pumping (Cardio center! Sun shelf! Billiards table! Pet spa! The list goes on…) that you just haven’t quite gotten a chance to use much, or at all yet. That’s okay! Life can get in the way sometimes, but make the most of your time at the Apartments at Palladian Place by resolving to use those amenities you’ve always wanted to. And who knows – maybe while you’re at it, you’ll hit it off with a great neighbor from the 2nd floor who shares the same interest?

Happy and healthy 2016 to you from Apartments at Palladian Place!