January Events in Durham & the Triangle

Join us this month for some exciting events in Durham, NC! We know it’s cold, and you want to hibernate, but you’re going to miss out on some great times. If you’ve been searching for things to do as winter sets in, we’ve got you covered.

Tuesday, January 19, stop by our Food Truck Event! No need to figure out dinner plans – or even worse, cook for yourself. A delicious meal and great conversation are waiting for you at the Food Truck Event TODAY! Can’t wait to see you there!

348sFriday night, stop in for a tasting at Sam’s Bottle Shop. Tim from Starr Hill Brewery and Brian from Millennium Beverages will be doing a duel tasting this Friday, January 22 from 4 – 7pm. It’s a great way to relax after a long week of work this is definitely going to be a great event. At Palladian Place, we love Sam’s Bottle Shop and we know this is an event you don’t want to miss.

screen-shot-2014-01-15-at-8-15-28-amTriangle Restaurant Week is coming Monday, January 25 – Sunday, January 31. This is your chance to dine at some of the best restaurants in the area for special fixed pricing. $15 – $30 gets you a three course menu and no reservations, tickets, or passes are required. Another opportunity to not cook, plus you’re getting a great deal. Win-win.

Hope your January in Durham and the Triangle is warm and full of fun!

Break Your New Year’s Resolution Rut

We know, every year around New Year’s the pressure comes – what’s your resolution?! Well, if the standard “Go to the gym!” just doesn’t feel inspiring, at Palladian Place, we have some ideas for you what we think everyone can get behind!


Anything you love, anything you know, whether that’s archery, writing, web design, or cooking. Teaching is just a fancy way of learning. You learn by answering questions, instructing, sharing resources and experiences. The more you go through the steps and processes of your craft, the more you’ll sharpen your own skills, plus you’ll be learning how to facilitate and lead others through a process. What’s more, you’ll get some great quality time in with your “student” than you may not have gotten otherwise – win/win! Teaching comes in all sorts of formats, so don’t shy away – think about what you love, and share It with someone this year!


Most people will say that their lives are overly scheduled, overly busy, and overly stressed. So when was the last time you took a nice, leisurely stroll and just took in your surroundings? (Yeah, we didn’t think so.) Resolve that this year, you will take a little more time to just “be” – be present, be aware, be thankful. This goes for phones and technology as well. Stop using your phone as a crutch when you’re waiting or wasting time – instead, people-watch, strike up a conversation, or just let your mind relax on something besides a screen. It will do wonders for your physical, mental and spiritual health!


You chose Palladian Place for a reason – when you took your first tour, we can imagine there was something that really got your blood pumping (Cardio center! Sun shelf! Billiards table! Pet spa! The list goes on…) that you just haven’t quite gotten a chance to use much, or at all yet. That’s okay! Life can get in the way sometimes, but make the most of your time at the Apartments at Palladian Place by resolving to use those amenities you’ve always wanted to. And who knows – maybe while you’re at it, you’ll hit it off with a great neighbor from the 2nd floor who shares the same interest?

Happy and healthy 2016 to you from Apartments at Palladian Place!

Luxury Apartments in Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC has many apartment complexes, but for those in the market for luxury apartments in Chapel Hill, NC, the best option is the Apartments at Palladian Place. With beautiful, spacious interiors and a community with the amenities necessary for a comfortable life, the Apartments at Palladian Place.

Apartments Designed for Living

Every aspect of the design of an apartment at Palladian Place has living in mind. From the open floor plans to the details in the kitchens and the ample amounts of storage space, this community takes luxury living to a whole new level. Everywhere you look in your apartment, you will notice details that show that the community truly understands the needs of its residents. Top-of-the-market finishes, tall ceilings, strategically spaced lighting, in-unit laundry and modern, neutral decor all combine to make it an apartment you will be proud to call home.

Amenities to Embrace the Luxury Lifestyle

When designing the Apartments at Palladian Place, the community’s founders wanted to add the amenities and features that people need for a comfortable luxury lifestyle. This starts with a place to be active. The Apartments at Palladian Place boast the largest strength and cardio fitness facility in the area, as well as the largest on-site pet park. This means that all residents, both two-legged and four-legged, can stay active. The community also has a large outdoor salt water pool, complete with a chat pool with a built-in seating area. The outdoor courtyard also includes shaded areas with a cyber bar and TVs. An outdoor fireplace ensures the community fun lasts well after dark.

For those who prefer natural beauty, a natural amenity courtyard embraces this with a stunning wooded view and cascading water feature. Shaded lounge seating in this area lets residents soak it in, while grill stations encourage outdoor entertaining in this quiet, natural area. An on-site walking trail through the unspoiled land also makes enjoying nature easy for residents of the community.

This is just a taste of the amenities available at the Apartments at Palladian Place. As a resident of this community, you will also benefit from a social lounge, media center, game room and elevated indoor sky lounge with outdoor sky lounge deck. If you are in the market for luxury apartments in Chapel Hill, NC, you need to see what the Apartments at Palladian Place has to offer.

Best New Apartments in Durham and Chapel Hill

Apartments at Palladian Place offer everything you need in the heart of Chapel Hill/Durham. Just one look at our selection of floor plans and you’ll see that your new is waiting you, minutes from the best shopping, dining, all located in a beautiful natural oasis.

Picture yourself living in a home that you love with high end finishes like built in wine racks and quartz countertops. Can you see yourself unwinding after a long day on your wrap-around balcony as you take in your wooded view? All of this and more is here at the Apartments at Palladian Place in Durham, NC. You’re sure to notice the attention to detail, the thoughtful design, and the consideration we put into the each floor plan in our apartment community. From our studios, to our 1, 2, or 3- bedroom luxury flats, every apartment home at Palladian Place is designed to make your life easier.

When you live here you gain access to most state-of-the-art amenities in the area! This is the life you’ve dreamed of living, without the hassle of maintenance and upkeep. Be the envy of your friends as you enjoy the outdoor saltwater pool and sun deck. Spoil your pet at the on-site pet park, or relax after a long week in our game room with billiards table. The life of luxury is waiting for you in at the Apartments at Palladian Place in Durham, NC.

We invite you to stop by and see for yourself. We’re perfectly located in Durham, and the perfect apartment community for your lifestyle. Palladian Place- Purposed for Perfect Living.