May Events at Palladian Place – Food, the Force and Fruits and Veggies!

April showers bring May flowers, as the old adage says, but at Apartments at Palladian Place, April gives way to a month filled with interesting and engaging things to do right here inour community. From celebrating all things Star Wars to enjoying all things produce, you will find plenty of community activities in May to get you out of your apartment and engaged with your Palladian Place neighbors. Here are some highlights:

Celebrate Star Wars with May the Fourth

Are we still on a Star Wars high, or maybe it has hit again with the release of The Force Awakens for home viewing? Palladian invites you to celebrate all things Star Wars on May the Fourth! Come eat snacks with your neighbors and enjoy talking about The Force, your theories on Rey’s parentage and plot twists you didn’t see coming when you saw the latest rendition of the Star Wars franchise. Food and fun we will have 😉 

Participate in Eat Fruits and Veggies Day

Food seems to be a central theme of our May events at Apartments at Palladian Place, and on May 26th you can join us in celebrating Eat Fruits and Veggies Day! Bring your favorite produce dish with you and enjoy dining outdoors with your friends and neighbors. Consider hitting up one of our local farmer’s markets before you come to get the freshest produce for your contribution, and learn a little more about healthy, fresh dining while enjoying tasty food with your neighbors. 

Adding Food Trucks This May

The Palladian Place community already enjoys monthly visits from the Tan-Durm food truck, which brings the tastes of India right to your front door. In May, Palladian Place  will welcome the tastes of China with the Chirba Chirba food truck joining the Tan-Durm in bringing street food right to the community.

At Apartments at Palladian Place, you enjoy the ability to live in a trend-setting community located close to Durham and Chapel Hill, and these May events capitalize on the atmosphere and ambiance of our lively community. Make your plans now to take advantage of some of these May events, and take the time to get to know your neighbors (and your community) just a little better!