Hot 2017 Apartment Decorating Trends

Are you planning to do a little redecorating in your Palladian Place apartment this year? As you start planning your space, you may want to keep in mind some of the hottest decorating trends. Here are some hot trends that today’s decorators are embracing.

Repurposed Decor

Old shutters, peeling paint on a metal star, these are the things that make a 2017 decorator’s imagination soar. Whether you re-purpose things on your own or purchase items that have that chipped, worn look, you can’t go wrong with the “re-use” mentality as you prep for a new decor scheme in your home.

Mixing Metals

Mixing metal types continues to be a design trend, as decorators are bringing in a variety of metals rather than going for a matchy-matchy look. Both cool and warm metallics brought in to your Chapel Hill apartment as accent pieces will create interest and keep the space together. Just remember not to over-do it. Keep your metals at one to two metals, and don’t throw in too many to create a cluttered space.

Upholstered Headboards

If you’re ready for an upgrade in the bedroom, consider investing in or making an upholstered headboard. This chic trend is replacing the large wooden models of years before, and can help soften and add color to your bedroom.

Lucite Furniture

Lucite, also known as acrylic or Plexiglas, is popping up in modern design trends this year as well. The clear material can add function and interest to your space, without being too heavy on the overall design. Like most design trends, use this one in moderation, but don’t be afraid of a Lucite coffee table or accent chair if you’re updating your furnishings with your redecorating.

Keep It Simple

Remember, if you’re redecorating your Chapel Hill apartment, a little bit goes a long way. Be willing to part with favorite items as you bring in new, updated items, and don’t over fill your apartment to make the space feel small and cluttered. Still, if a redesign is in your plans for 2017, knowing these design trends will make it much easier to embrace what’s popular this year.