Hot 2017 Apartment Decorating Trends

Are you planning to do a little redecorating in your Palladian Place apartment this year? As you start planning your space, you may want to keep in mind some of the hottest decorating trends. Here are some hot trends that today’s decorators are embracing.

Repurposed Decor

Old shutters, peeling paint on a metal star, these are the things that make a 2017 decorator’s imagination soar. Whether you re-purpose things on your own or purchase items that have that chipped, worn look, you can’t go wrong with the “re-use” mentality as you prep for a new decor scheme in your home.

Mixing Metals

Mixing metal types continues to be a design trend, as decorators are bringing in a variety of metals rather than going for a matchy-matchy look. Both cool and warm metallics brought in to your Chapel Hill apartment as accent pieces will create interest and keep the space together. Just remember not to over-do it. Keep your metals at one to two metals, and don’t throw in too many to create a cluttered space.

Upholstered Headboards

If you’re ready for an upgrade in the bedroom, consider investing in or making an upholstered headboard. This chic trend is replacing the large wooden models of years before, and can help soften and add color to your bedroom.

Lucite Furniture

Lucite, also known as acrylic or Plexiglas, is popping up in modern design trends this year as well. The clear material can add function and interest to your space, without being too heavy on the overall design. Like most design trends, use this one in moderation, but don’t be afraid of a Lucite coffee table or accent chair if you’re updating your furnishings with your redecorating.

Keep It Simple

Remember, if you’re redecorating your Chapel Hill apartment, a little bit goes a long way. Be willing to part with favorite items as you bring in new, updated items, and don’t over fill your apartment to make the space feel small and cluttered. Still, if a redesign is in your plans for 2017, knowing these design trends will make it much easier to embrace what’s popular this year.

New Duke Students: Things to Know About Living in Durham

DukeHospitalA new fall semester is gearing up to begin at Duke University and the Duke School of Medicine! If your education is bringing you to Durham to study, now is the time to get to know the area a little better so your transition can be a smooth one. Here’s what you need to know about Durham:

SouthpointMallWhere to Shop

Durham’s districts are what make the community unique, and knowing the districts will help you find the shopping opportunities that meet your needs. Are you looking for eclectic boutiques? Head to the Brightleaf District, where two restored tobacco warehouses are filled with shopping and dining options. For unique artwork, the Golden Belt District with its artists and galleries await exploration. The Ninth Street District has a number of shops that cater to the college scene, while the Rockwood District with its antique stores is a great location for treasure hunting. Of course, for the traditional mall experience, the Streets at Southpoint and the Northgate Mall are both available.

AmericanTobaccoWhere to Dine

When you’re coming home from a busy shift at Duke Medical Center or a late night study session for your graduate program, the last thing you want to think about is cooking. Durham has you covered with an excellent foodie scene. Here you can find everything from barbecue cooked up by a family in a hole-in-the-wall joint to international cuisine to tantalize your taste buds. Some local favorites include the deli food at Foster’s Market, the Cosmic Cantina for burritos or Elmo’s Diner for breakfast. Don’t forget Cocoa Cinnamon for your morning coffee!

Utilities in Durham

As you get settled in your new apartment at Palladian Place, you are going to need to set up your utilities. Palladian residents are responsible for power through Duke Energy, water (with sewer, trash, and storm water) through CWE (this utility bill will be set up for you by our office), cable or satellite television, telephone, and internet.

DurhamBullsBallpark001-cThings to Do

When you’re not in the classroom or the clinic, you’ll find that Durham has plenty for you to do! Whether you take in a sporting event at Duke (like a late-season Durham Bulls game), explore the Susan P. Duke Gardens, spend some time enjoying the nightlife of the city or taking a tour of a local museum, this community is always active and inviting. From the Apartments at Palladian Place, you will be well positioned to enjoy all that it has to offer.

To schedule a private tour or reserve your new apartment in Durham, call our Leasing Office at 919-401-9991 today!

Get Fit for Summer at Palladian Place

We have a zest for life at the Apartments at Palladian Place! Plenty of events and opportunities are scheduled for your enjoyment this summer — so stay tuned, because June is approaching quickly.

Did you know that we offer plenty of ways for you to stay healthy — and get summer-ready? Everyone’s different, and we all have unique ways of staying in shape. Whatever routine you choose, we can certainly facilitate. Of all the luxury apartments in Durham and Chapel Hill, Palladian Place offers some of the finest choices for fitness, hands down.

Here are a few ways we facilitate your fitness at Apartments at Palladian Place:

fitness-center-amenities-midUnsurpassed Indoor Fitness Facilities at Palladian Place

When the weather doesn’t seem to be fit for fitness, our indoor facility is a great option for you. In fact, Apartments at Palladian Place has the largest strength & cardio fitness facility in the area. We’re proud to feature TRX, top-of-the-market cardio and resistance training equipment, and high-end interactive cardio cycles in a climate controlled environment for year-round exercise.

palladian_site_mapBeautiful Outdoor Fitness Opportunities at Palladian Place

As the weather improves, you’ll want to get plenty of sunshine (Vitamin D!) and fresh air. And we have a great way for you to do just that by taking in a beautiful view of the indigenous nature and wildlife surrounding Palladian Place. How? Take full advantage of our mile-long hiking loop for a brisk walk, jog, or run — in tandem with Durham nature. Take in the sights & sounds and breathe in the fresh North Carolina air.

By the way, if you’re interested in learning more about wildlife in our area, be sure to visit Piedmont Wildlife Center for a fun and educational experience for people of all ages.

So c’mon, Palladian Place residents, let’s get fit for summer and enjoy our time by the pool with friends and family!

May Events at Palladian Place – Food, the Force and Fruits and Veggies!

April showers bring May flowers, as the old adage says, but at Apartments at Palladian Place, April gives way to a month filled with interesting and engaging things to do right here inour community. From celebrating all things Star Wars to enjoying all things produce, you will find plenty of community activities in May to get you out of your apartment and engaged with your Palladian Place neighbors. Here are some highlights:

Celebrate Star Wars with May the Fourth

Are we still on a Star Wars high, or maybe it has hit again with the release of The Force Awakens for home viewing? Palladian invites you to celebrate all things Star Wars on May the Fourth! Come eat snacks with your neighbors and enjoy talking about The Force, your theories on Rey’s parentage and plot twists you didn’t see coming when you saw the latest rendition of the Star Wars franchise. Food and fun we will have 😉 

Participate in Eat Fruits and Veggies Day

Food seems to be a central theme of our May events at Apartments at Palladian Place, and on May 26th you can join us in celebrating Eat Fruits and Veggies Day! Bring your favorite produce dish with you and enjoy dining outdoors with your friends and neighbors. Consider hitting up one of our local farmer’s markets before you come to get the freshest produce for your contribution, and learn a little more about healthy, fresh dining while enjoying tasty food with your neighbors. 

Adding Food Trucks This May

The Palladian Place community already enjoys monthly visits from the Tan-Durm food truck, which brings the tastes of India right to your front door. In May, Palladian Place  will welcome the tastes of China with the Chirba Chirba food truck joining the Tan-Durm in bringing street food right to the community.

At Apartments at Palladian Place, you enjoy the ability to live in a trend-setting community located close to Durham and Chapel Hill, and these May events capitalize on the atmosphere and ambiance of our lively community. Make your plans now to take advantage of some of these May events, and take the time to get to know your neighbors (and your community) just a little better!

January Events in Durham & the Triangle

Join us this month for some exciting events in Durham, NC! We know it’s cold, and you want to hibernate, but you’re going to miss out on some great times. If you’ve been searching for things to do as winter sets in, we’ve got you covered.

Tuesday, January 19, stop by our Food Truck Event! No need to figure out dinner plans – or even worse, cook for yourself. A delicious meal and great conversation are waiting for you at the Food Truck Event TODAY! Can’t wait to see you there!

348sFriday night, stop in for a tasting at Sam’s Bottle Shop. Tim from Starr Hill Brewery and Brian from Millennium Beverages will be doing a duel tasting this Friday, January 22 from 4 – 7pm. It’s a great way to relax after a long week of work this is definitely going to be a great event. At Palladian Place, we love Sam’s Bottle Shop and we know this is an event you don’t want to miss.

screen-shot-2014-01-15-at-8-15-28-amTriangle Restaurant Week is coming Monday, January 25 – Sunday, January 31. This is your chance to dine at some of the best restaurants in the area for special fixed pricing. $15 – $30 gets you a three course menu and no reservations, tickets, or passes are required. Another opportunity to not cook, plus you’re getting a great deal. Win-win.

Hope your January in Durham and the Triangle is warm and full of fun!